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The Vasudevs are found all around Maharashtra in long flowing tunic and a dhoti with a conical headgear made of peacock feathers. Most mornings you could see them walking along the streets singing praises of the Lord and playing the cymbals. Today morning as I caught sight of a group of Vasudev I noticed they were dressed in their traditional best with colourful tunics and the rudraksh string around their neck

The community of Vasudevs has dwindled over the years but on and off you might catch sight of them in Maharashtra. They devote their life singing devotional songs of Lord Krishna and taking alms from the housing societies. Wearing anklets in their feet they dance and sing in tandem.

If you initiate a conversation with them they would even start predicting your future and also get on with face reading.

Vasudev Group

Vasudev Group

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  1. That was an interesting post! Would like to know more about this community!

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