Dudhsagar Station

Dudhsagar A modified version of this article was published in The Hindu. I was deep in the forests of Dandeli enjoying the treks and hikes when I got to know, Dudhsagar is just few stations ahead of North Karnataka. I made an impromptu decision of hopping onto the train the next day and head on a day long trip to soak in the sea of milk.

Dandeli Paddy Fields

Dandeli had been my abode for three days and I had enjoyed every moment of it. Three years back I had visited Dandeli but then it was just white water river rafting and soaking in the waters of River Kali. This time around I saw a very different face of Dandeli. I never knew she had so much to offer. I spent my entire stay in the Dandeli – Anshi Wildlife Reserve which is house to many endangered species like the hornbill, tiger and black panther. The thick vegetation…

Old Magazine House

Doesn’t the title sound odd? Well Old Magazine is a resort deep in the jungles of Dandeli. The story goes that in 1974 the Government decided to build a dam in the Supa area. They wanted to store the cartridges used for blasting whilst building the dam somewhere away from the villages to ensure safety. The best place was in the jungles away from human inhabitation. Two lightning proof buildings were built to store the magazines. Once the Supa dam was built they decided to convert this place…

Tree House Interiors

I lay awake on my bed looking at the veil of darkness that night had worn. The silver disc looked beautiful in the star studded sky. She cast myriad reflections in the river. I could hear the silence of the night. There was a frequent plop noise followed by the frogs croaking and the owl hooting. The woodpecker didn’t seem to find sleep like me and kept digging into the wood. I was amazed and over whelmed by the fresh and pure air. The river seemed to have…

Hornbill Tree House

         I remember as a kid visiting my grandparent’s place in Sivakasi during my summer hols. The scorching heat wouldn’t deter us from playing the whole day with friends and cousins. This place is famous for the crackers and the match industry as its climate is favourable for manufacturing both these commodities. As is today Tamilnadu has always been famous for its power cuts. It would be difficult to sleep in the night without electricity and the mosquitoes feasting on us.