I was heading towards Dudhsagar from  Londa station by the Amravati Express which was a good one hour late. I had to kill time somehow as the idea of spending an hour in the small station was not very interesting. To add to it I had a bag  that was heavy and the thought of lugging it to Dudhsagar in the rains turned me off. We had planned for some hiking and trekking till the base of the falls. Though Londa station is a junction it didn’t have any cloak room facility….

Hornbill Tree House

         I remember as a kid visiting my grandparent’s place in Sivakasi during my summer hols. The scorching heat wouldn’t deter us from playing the whole day with friends and cousins. This place is famous for the crackers and the match industry as its climate is favourable for manufacturing both these commodities. As is today Tamilnadu has always been famous for its power cuts. It would be difficult to sleep in the night without electricity and the mosquitoes feasting on us.