Wildlife in Valparai

Wildlife in Valparai Valparai is a haven for flora and fauna. It has a rich biodiversity with some being highly endangered. The Lion Tailed Macaque is a threatened species that is an upper canopy dwelling animal but with the change in lifestyle today it is found near human habitats. As I walked out the Puduthottam Estate I saw numerous LTM on rooftops, walking on the road on trying to get into a house through a window.

Tree House Interiors

I lay awake on my bed looking at the veil of darkness that night had worn. The silver disc looked beautiful in the star studded sky. She cast myriad reflections in the river. I could hear the silence of the night. There was a frequent plop noise followed by the frogs croaking and the owl hooting. The woodpecker didn’t seem to find sleep like me and kept digging into the wood. I was amazed and over whelmed by the fresh and pure air. The river seemed to have…