Wildlife in Valparai

Wildlife in Valparai Valparai is a haven for flora and fauna. It has a rich biodiversity with some being highly endangered. The Lion Tailed Macaque is a threatened species that is an upper canopy dwelling animal but with the change in lifestyle today it is found near human habitats. As I walked out the Puduthottam Estate I saw numerous LTM on rooftops, walking on the road on trying to get into a house through a window.

Dandeli Paddy Fields

Dandeli had been my abode for three days and I had enjoyed every moment of it. Three years back I had visited Dandeli but then it was just white water river rafting and soaking in the waters of River Kali. This time around I saw a very different face of Dandeli. I never knew she had so much to offer. I spent my entire stay in the Dandeli – Anshi Wildlife Reserve which is house to many endangered species like the hornbill, tiger and black panther. The thick vegetation…