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I feel Alive

Tree House Interiors

I lay awake on my bed looking at the veil of darkness that night had worn. The silver disc looked beautiful in the star studded sky. She cast myriad reflections in the river. I could hear the silence of the night. There was a frequent plop noise followed by the frogs croaking and the owl hooting. The woodpecker didn’t seem to find sleep like me and kept digging into the wood. I was amazed and over whelmed by the fresh and pure air. The river seemed to have slowed down, probably she was tired after a long day.

It indeed was an out of the world experience. Imagine far away from the concrete jungle into the forest a midst the wildlife on a tree beside a river. You are fifty feet above the ground in a tree house that is open two sides and a tree trunk inside your room. I was in Dandeli a wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka, India.


Tree House at Dandeli
Tree House

This thick forest is rich in flora and fauna. A haven for the migratory birds like The Great Hornbill, Parakeet and the mammals like the Barking Deer, Sloth Bear, Bison, Black Panther, Flying Squirrel, it also houses various reptile species like snakes, crocodiles, turtles and water monitor lizard.

One can indulge in Camping, Wildlife safaris, Kayaking, River Rafting or soak in the River Kali like a Hippo. The breath of fresh air is invigorating. I woke up to the bird calls with the sun streaming into the tree house. The mystery behind the plop sound was unearthed in the morning when I saw the pygmy mole cricket jumping in and out of the river.

Kali River
River Kali
Elsewhere in India and abroad I have noticed  commercial water sports are rampant like Motor racing, Jet skiing etc. These adventure activities do whet our appetite for adrenaline rush but one drop of fuel in the river/ sea could cost the marine lives heavily. In that sense Dandeli is a peace loving, environment friendly abode. Having said that, I didn’t had to compromise on my excitement as river rafting is an action packed activity that races your heart.
White Water River Rafting in Kali

White Water Rafting

As the raft plunged through the river, cut through the tides and took me on a journey through wetlands and mangroves, sighting some rare birds, animals en route I was one with nature. I basked in its freshness and rejuvenated in its greenery. I soaked in the beauty of the swollen river and the mystic jungle. A welcome change from the burgeoning city life. Nature has its lessons on harmony.  

I took a breath of the virgin air and lived in the moment that glistened and gleamed every particle in me. I lived every moment, I felt alive.
Dandeli – Truly satiating !!

Playing in River Kali
I feel Alive


When did you feel close to nature?


This post is my contribution to Contiki Story Tellers contest.

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