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Christmas Joy with Mad Over Donuts

Christmas edition - MOD

The festive season is in the air as Christmas bells would soon ring and herald the good times. It is that time of the year when the young and the old, friends and loved ones get together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ followed by some wine and dine. After the mid night mass all across the globe there are huge family gatherings, exchange of gifts and merry making with large variety of delicacies, cakes and turkey available for the foodies.

Mad over donuts gift boxes

Mad over donuts gift boxes

This merry season Mad over Donuts has some limited time baking delights specially for you. The Singaporean gourmet donut brand has launched a delicious assortment of cinnamon, chocolate, gingerbread and fruit compotes to tickle your sweet tooth.

Their limited-time Christmas Range comes in the following tempting flavours:

Cinnaple  Donut @ Mad Over Donuts

Cinnaple Donut @ Mad Over Donuts

  • Cinnaple: Dark chocolate, apple cinnamon filling and mix-spice buttercream. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness!
Strawberry Santa donut @ Mad Over Donuts

Strawberry Santa donut @ Mad Over Donuts

  • Strawberry Santa: Milk chocolate ganache with rich white chocolate and strawberry jelly. There’s no Christmas without Santa!
Ginger Buddy Donut @ Mad Over Donuts

Ginger Buddy Donut @ Mad Over Donuts

  • Ginger Buddy: Mad Over Donuts’ version of the Gingerbread Man. Ginger glaze with a filling of milk chocolate honey ganache.
  • Starstruck: This Christmas Cakeling has a vanilla cupcake base with mix-spice buttercream.

My kids absolutely loved these delights as they gorged over them. Each one of them have their personal liking, my son likes the Cinnaple while my daughter loves the Strawberry Santa. As for me I loved all of them as I found them tasty, economical and a great option to gift friends and relatives. Each donut costs Rs. 65 while the cakeling is for Rs.70.

Go ahead and treat your near and dear ones with MOD donuts and enjoy this festive season. MOD has multiple outlets across Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

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