A lonely survivor in the rubble’s of mankind’s creation See that lone tree with hues of the magnificent sunset standing in the midst of metal and concrete, its very existence is debatable.  Also called the Flame of the Forest/ Palas / Gulmohar Tree its in full bloom in the summers. But here amidst these superstructures do you think we could find it tomorrow?  Its World Environment Day today after all ….. one of those days in a year where we care for the environment

 It was a Friday, I was returning home after a grueling day in office with my husband when I suggested we spend some time on the benches of Pashan Road, Pune. The roads of Pashan are wide and the pavements have many benches for pedestrians to relax and enjoy the sunset. Its very pleasant in the evenings and also in the morning. My husband agreed to the plan and en route he suggested why don’t we visit the Balaji Temple in Pashan.