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The Third Twin

The Third Twin

Title – The Third Twin
Author – Ken Follett
Genre – Fiction Mystery
Publisher – Pan Macmillan
ISBN – 033034837X
3 out of 5

Well I got this book from one of my team members and once I laid hands on to it there was no stopping.

Summary – Jeannie Ferrami is a scientist who is studying the traits of identical twins when she stumbles on to a mystery that involves identical twins born to different mothers on different days. As she takes up the journey of opening the pandora box she falls in love with one of the twins Steve Logan who is accused of rape of her best friend. Together they unravel the mystery surrounding the twins and in the process reveal dark secrets that were laid to rest twenty odd years back.

Review – The characters of Jeannie and Steve have been built well. The protagonist Jeannie is a strong headed person and nothing stops her when she decides to take the plunge. Her pursue of truth throughout the course is an interesting flow of twists and turns.  Her accomplice in this journey is the law school kid Steve who is head over heels in love with Jeannie and is all set to help her revive her career. Berrington’s character seems to be loosely built. Though his deeds are such that they push Jeannie to the wall his personality doesn’t give you the feeling of a snake on the move to suck the air out of the room.

The story keeps you hooked but it doesn’t get you on to the edge.  You sort of get carried with the cadence but it doesn’t grip you. The end is very predictable and it is something you have been expecting. It sounds more dramatic with a splash of action.

All in all a good read for those who are into fiction with a touch of mystery, action and science.


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