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Some ME Time through Travelling

Fun Time in London

Recently I had mentioned about getting some ME time whilst travelling. (Read How Travelling Changes your Life).

How very true? You get the time of your life away from the daily routine that kills you. It puts a restless soul at peace and gives the sense of liberation. Back home I am working all day through in the kitchen cooking, tending to the kids needs or working for an IT Company. Travelling with partner or solo sets you on the path of experiencing the inexperienced. Simple things that we tend to miss in our daily life are enjoyed and admired.

Recently I watched the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara on Television. It brought memories of my trip to London. I got to spend great time with my friends. Cooking was more fun when it was a team work in the kitchen. Over the weekends we would go on a culinary trail by rustling some Indian dishes with limited resources. Here you can see a snap of the chicken curry, dal lasooni, jeera rice, salad and egg curry that was finished in flat twenty minutes by six hungry souls.

Home Cooked Food

Cooking in London

Watching a movie on the laptop with a group of pals on a weekend is a trivial extravagance but petty things like these give you happiness untold. Daily I would take the tube rail to office and would indulge in some reading in my tablet. After a long time I got to indulge in this hobby which I rarely get to pursue back home.

During this period, I got to visit some beautiful places in and around London with my friends. Cornwall, Devon, Brighton, Bath  are to name a few.

At Devon

At Devon


Life suddenly was filled with fun, excitement and it was a great ride to enjoy. I was in its front seat and having a helluva time every minute. I felt ten years younger thanks to my buddies. Catching up on newly released Hindi movies on late Friday nights and then travelling on the streets of London by the trademark double decker red buses with friends are few cherish able moments.


Fun Time in London

Fun Time in London

Catching up over coffee in a garden with green apples,  small pond and friends to give you company, Heaven ain’t it? Do you see that small room behind with a window that was were I stayed for two months. A petite and cosy room that housed me in my short stint in this wonderful city.

Have you been able to pursue a hobby whilst travelling or experienced life altering events?  Do let me know

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  1. That’s some quality ME time. It’s very important and find my ME time in enjoying coffee, reading a book at the coffee shop, travelling alone or watching a movie:)

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