An edited version of this article was published in Travel + Leisure India and South Asia magazine (December’14) It was my second trip to United Kingdom after a gap of four long years. Having stayed in London for two months, shopped at its high streets and also been to the highlands for a taste of the Scottish culture, this time around I wished to explore its beautiful countryside. One fine day I left the star studded, populous city of London and hit the road to drive down to…

Fun Time in London

Recently I had mentioned about getting some ME time whilst travelling. (Read How Travelling Changes your Life). How very true? You get the time of your life away from the daily routine that kills you. It puts a restless soul at peace and gives the sense of liberation. Back home I am working all day through in the kitchen cooking, tending to the kids needs or working for an IT Company. Travelling with partner or solo sets you on the path of experiencing the inexperienced. Simple things that we…

Borough Market

I climbed the stairs to step out of London Bridge’s tube station.  A cold draught blew in and I zipped my jacket. It indicated I was getting closer to the murky waters of River Thames. A thirty minute ride in the Jubilee Line from Wembley, would deport me to Central London. From there on it would be a seven minute walk traversing through the concordant and organized Borough Market in Southwark Street. This was my daily regime to reach office for the last one month.  It was the…


I got the opportunity to visit city of Bath on a true English Day. Well the sun seemed to be playing games by hiding and peeping out of clouds. When I stood before the Bath Cricket Club I got a clear sky view of the beautiful Bath City and its structures built with honey coloured limestones. For interesting Skywatches visit  

London - Big BEN

I had the opportunity of visiting London twice and each stay was for two months in summer. The first stint was mostly solo travelling in London and a short trip to Scotland with a friend. The second trip was one that I enjoyed the most as I had a group of friends to hang around. I got a chance to visit Cornwall, Devon, Bath, Brighton and the beautiful Durdle Door. More on these destinations would follow, here is a short list of some random things about London.


This post appeared in Women’s Web Traveling is the tonic for life that keeps the soul replenished. Every moment brings in a new perspective to the journey called Life.  It needn’t be an exotic location but a local market that brings out the colours and flavours of the inhabitants.  It could be a life altering experience for a few or for that matter an adrenaline pumping experience. The benefits of these encounters that I term exuberance are multi fold.

Mel Gibson

           Life for me is a splash of colours in varied hues that depict the moods and emotions. Imagine a life without colors doesn’t it sound dull? Its these colors that bring in flavors to our feelings be it happiness, anxiety, hope, sadness, love, despair etc. that brings in a catharsis in our life.             India is a country where colors are the way of life. We see these splashes in the festivals that one could term as Celebrating Life. When…