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Chapter 6 of CelebrateBlogging- Blink and Miss

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Chapter 6 #CelebrateBlogging

This post is sixth in the series of the #CelebrateBlogging event conducted by Blogadda. I belong to the Tandem Tensome team. The previous chapters could be read at Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.

Shekhar had a sullen look on his face. He stepped out of the police station torn between anxiety and despair. His only love and the one that instilled life in him had gone missing. He yearned to hear her soft and petite talks, the childish tantrums and the aliveness of his soul.  He felt hopeless for a moment and wondered from where he should start his search. He walked to his car and sat behind the steering wheel gazing at infinity.

Tara had been around with him in the police station for couple of hours. She made few calls at Roohi’s school and when she found that she couldn’t be of much help she left for her office. Her work had been her solace since long. She had wanted to stay out of marital bonds and claim the world with her capabilities and aspirations. To ride high on the wave of achievements from where there would be no return was her long dream. The thirst of power had held on to her since her college days. She found marriage and its attached strings as shackles that tie you down. You are not at your free will but bond by personal commitments and relationships. These hold on to you and prevent you to fly high and soar into the heights of shining stars. Her father had forced her into it and few years down the line Roohi was born.

Roohi’s birth had been the turning point in Shekhar’s married life. She brought the much wanted change. He had named her after a lot of thinking. Roohi meant living in harmony, with tolerance and being compassionate. These were the qualities he had long wished for in his marriage. When he took the new born in his arms he hoped to have a beautiful relationship with his daughter. Roohi, was to fill the void in her father’s life.

Jennifer offered her prayers before stepping into the room. She wasn’t a very religious person but once in a while she did find it appropriate to think of the Lord. She wasn’t sure if he had been kind to her as the scars of the loss in her childhood days had still not healed completely. But once in a while she did find the need to confide into the unknown and omnipresent. The atmosphere inside the room was very formal and a slight tension hung in the air. There were three of them and one amongst them held the air of importance. She was ready to size up Jennifer in and out. Jennifer felt she was being sliced by the looks of the Ice Lady. She wondered if she would step out of this room in one piece. As she took her seat the panel introduced themselves. But Jennifer couldn’t remember listening to their names, what mattered was she had to sail past the rough waters and reach the shore.

After an hour’s gruelling session, she felt she had actually been interrogated by the cops. She wondered if it was an interview that she had actually walked into. Her college vivas had been better off and less demanding. She got a feeling that the Ice Lady didn’t seem to be happy with her answers but then you never know. The panel always wears a mask which is difficult to peep through. Jennifer stepped out of the room and immediately rushed for a puff. It was very much required to relax her tense nerves.

After having regained her cool, she walked into the office that was buzzing with the hum drum. She sat down in the reception and accepted the coffee that was served to her. She realized her stomach was growling as it had been long since she had dug into anything. It probably would be another hour’s wait for the results. It looked like she would have only her dinner today.

It had been five hours since Roohi hadn’t reached home. Shekhar found time passing by very slowly. He lay slumped on the steering wheel lifeless and clueless. Suddenly he heard a shrill wail piercing through the still air. He was startled and wondered its source. There was a faint glow in his pocket, it was his cellphone ringing. He looked at the screen it was not one of those saved numbers. He wondered who on earth would it be and wished to be left alone. Half-heartedly he picked up the call and held it to his ears. There was silence on the other end and then some rustle. He called out “Hello, hello” but all he heard was silence. He was about to cut the call when a voice that was full of life called out “Papa”.

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  3. The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give the questions to ponder upon. You have given plenty for your readers to think upon several points.

    You have done an amazing job by weaving the characters and story so well.

    Thank you.

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