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Security checks in Srinagar airport

Early morning in the Dal lake

Travelling to Kashmir, rather you are flying to Kashmir then you need to know few things before planning your trip. This paradise on earth is renowned for its beauty but has been in the limelight for war and terrorism. Hence the need for added security while travelling to this heaven on earth.

Recently I travelled to the north most state of India with my son as he was participating in the National Ice Skating competition conducted recently in Gulmarg, I noticed that this state which has long been in the public eye over border issues, terrorism and tussle of power has suffered economically. Despite that the beauty of Kashmir cannot be ignored. Kashmir as a destination can be explored all seasons. But you need to be aware of some of the formalities that need to be taken care of while flying out of this state. When you are flying to Sringar there aren’t specific baggage restrictions, you can carry the usual 7 kg cabin baggage with a laptop and camera. Rest of the luggage could be checked in.

A shikhara in the Dal Lake

A shikhara in the Dal Lake

While flying out of Srinagar you are not allowed to carry the 7 kg cabin baggage but you can check in this bag along with your other bags. So you are allowed to check in total 22 kg baggage (the regular baggage limit of 15 kg + 7 kg cabin baggage). You can carry a purse, camera and laptop with you, while boarding the flight that’s all.  When I had called the Indigo folks before flying to Kashmir I was told by their call centre executive that even cameras and laptops aren’t allowed and that I would have to check in those as well which was incorrect information given to me, because of which I actually didn’t carry my laptop in this trip lest it gets damaged. While flying out of Srinagar there are multiple security checks carried out by the police hence you need to be aware of the same.

Kashmir from above the sky

Kashmir from above the sky

Outside Srinagar Airport Security Check 

First and foremost as you reach the outskirts of the airport premises you are required to pass your baggage through the screening machine. You need to alight from your cab, load the bags through the screening machine after which you need to get yourself cleared through the security check. Once this is done you need to load your screened bags into your cab (which is also screened for any non-permissible objects) and then head towards the airport.

Inside Srinagar Airport Security Check 

When in the airport after the check-in you need to go through the regular security check. Your laptop bag, camera and purse would be screened in the baggage screening machine once again. After you step out of your security check you would be asked to switch on your camera, laptop by the security personnel.

Inside Srinagar airport personal identification of check in baggage 

Once you are done with the security check grill before proceeding to the boarding gate your boarding pass is checked by the airlines officials and you are then asked to proceed for check-in baggage identification. At the tarmac as soon as you identify your bags the official then updates the same in his records and asks the staff to load the bag into the carts that are used to transfer luggage to the plane.

Inside Srinagar airport security check before boarding 

Once boarding starts you walk past the gate and just before entering the aircraft you once again go through a security check conducted by the officials. This check is last of the entire ordeal and if you clear it you are good to board the flight and fly to your destination.

Phew that is indeed a long list, umpteen security checks conducted in Srinagar airport. But I must say considering the volatile situation in the state it is very much required to conduct these checks.

In Sringar city you might get stuck in traffic for long hours while heading to the airport especially during the day time. Web check in is allowed while travelling to Srinagar but not allowed while flying from Srinagar. Also considering there are many security checks which are time consuming it is advisable to start 4 hours before take-off time to ensure easy and tension free boarding. Happy flying !

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  1. I was worried on the details n your blog gave me an overview of everything. My primary concern is leaving Srinagar with the many security checks. Ladies and their handbag are allowed?

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