Dove Badge

This post won the Indiblogger Dove Guessing Game with my friend contest   I had returned home early from work. Early in the software world means 5:30 in the evening with the sun having already set on a wintry eventide. I had clients visiting us and had to take them out for dinner.

ECSTASY They sat beside each other with apprehension; Her eyes lowered in waves of tension She waited for him to move, This very moment in dreams having wove The rustle of silk and the tussle of thoughts; For the newly weds after the three knots The first embrace and the shed of inhibitions, Wrapped in nothing but sheer skin of each others Tumble and fumble the desire for more, As he explores her innermost core The final catharsis with the explosion; Concludes the ecstasy of emotions


 WASHED O thy pour from distant lands; Delight of the dickens, You waddle in puddles; To splash the soul of muddles O thy pour from distant lands You are the tender whispers , On the dew drenched leaves; Of a lover in peace O thy pour with cracker Respite for the cropper; And hopes to prosper, Blooms every Harper O thy pour in rambles, Pitter patter on roof tops Shades of grey overcast; Music for the peacocks O thy pour and refresh Parched soul replenish, Life is all…