The Hidden Valley Pond

It had been a long journey from Pune to Chikmagalur,  but one that I had enjoyed completely. Didn’t someone rightly say, It is the journey that matters more than the destination. (Read – Verdant Shimoga and Sringeri) As I entered the town of Chikmagalur a hoarding stating Welcome to the land of Coffee greeted me. Chikmagalur meaning Younger daughter’s town in Kannada language is famous for its coffee plantations, betel nut trees, paddy fields.  It is told that the chieftain gifted this land to his younger daughter hence the…

Shimoga- Verdant Beauty

They swayed in rhythmic cadence like a woman’s long braid swaying around her hips as she walks gaily. The two trailers tethered to the tractor carrying sugarcanes were a sight to watch as they swayed and rumbled on the NH4. I had left Pune on a spring afternoon and was driving down the Pune Bangalore highway towards Chikmagalur in Karnataka. Acacia, Mimosa trees lined the highway with the harvested sugarcane fields in the background.