An edited version of this article was published in Pune Mirror as Seaside Diaries As I scanned around I could see the Gurpur River meandering through coconut groves while steamers and boats bounced over it. I was atop Sultan Battery an edifice built by Tipu Sultan to contain the entrance of warships through Gurpur River. Though it is a simple watch tower it looks like a miniature fortress with musket holes for mounting canons. I had reached Mangalore the day before and was enjoying every bit of its cultural extravaganza.

Villas of Summer Sands

I walked barefoot on the sea shore of Ullal. It had been quite late by the time I arrived in Ullal and the sun had already set leaving behind glimpses of its existence with the scarlet smeared sky. I found the coastline across Dakshin Kannada very clean and less crowded. Good for me I preferred staying in the company of nature avoiding the hustle and bustle of hawkers, vendors and tourists. Well I was in Summer Sands a forty year old beach resort that is situated on the shores…