King Mahabali

It had been pouring since last few weeks. Mother earth had worn a green garb and was looking fresh and resplendent after the showers had quenched her soul. The rivers were swollen as life bounced back to a verdant celebration. Suddenly the earth opened up and out stepped a portly man dressed in silk dhoti, gold ornaments and a crown on his head. He held a palm leaf umbrella in his hand and walked with poise, authority and a broad smile plastered on to his face across the streets of Kerala.


Gurubrahma Guruvishnu Gururdevo Maheshwaraha | Guruhu sakshaat Parambrahman tasmai Shrigurave namaha ||     This is a well known Sanskrit shloka that has been taught to us when we were kids which tells the importance and revelation of a Guru. This shloka means Guru ( a teacher) is a representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadeo. Also he helps us to remove ignorance in our life by imparting knowledge. I offer my salutations to the Guru.