King Mahabali

It had been pouring since last few weeks. Mother earth had worn a green garb and was looking fresh and resplendent after the showers had quenched her soul. The rivers were swollen as life bounced back to a verdant celebration. Suddenly the earth opened up and out stepped a portly man dressed in silk dhoti, gold ornaments and a crown on his head. He held a palm leaf umbrella in his hand and walked with poise, authority and a broad smile plastered on to his face across the streets of Kerala.


My exposures towards the Malayali festivals had always been restricted to wishing friends during the Onam and Vishu festivals. Having married to a Keralite the divulgence has increased and in the recent times reached home. Come Chingam, the month in the Malyali calendar all the Keralities  celebrate the ten day festival with pomp and fervour. The first day Atham marks the start of this harvest festival. Today in most cities the festival has been restricted to the celebrations on the tenth day called Thiruonam. Legend states that the demon  King…