• Air Arabia Airlines

    Air Arabia Mumbai – Sharjah

    Flying to international destinations from Tier 2 cities in India is a pain in the neck. You need to fly to the nearest metro with an international...

  • Solo Travel

    Solo Travel

    In my recent long distance travels whilst returning home by train the gentleman next seat asked me what took me to Kannur? “I was keen to explore...

  • A Chettinad House

    Chettinad doors to a faded glory

    An edited version of this article was published in the February’15 issue of  Travel + Leisure India and Southasia magazine as Chettinad’s treasure chest   A beautiful Kolam...

  • Sunset in Arabian Sea

    Goa paint me Red

    An edited version of this article was published in the Feb’15 Vistara in-flight magazine. The waves lapped at my feet as the golden disc slipped down the...

  • Kingswear

    In love with Devon

    An edited version of this article was published in Travel + Leisure India and South Asia magazine (December’14) It was my second trip to United Kingdom after...

  • Dandeli Paddy Fields

    Dandeli Diaries – memorable experiences

    Dandeli had been my abode for three days and I had enjoyed every moment of it. Three years back I had visited Dandeli but then it was just...

  • Borough Market

    Borough Market for the Global Cuisine

    I climbed the stairs to step out of London Bridge’s tube station.  A cold draught blew in and I zipped my jacket. It indicated I was getting...

  • A perfect landing

    Balloon Safari – Romancing the sky

    I woke up at dawn and got ready for the safari of my life. Have you ever been part of the limitless azure sky with white puffs...

  • Travel

    How Traveling Changes your Life

    This post appeared in Women’s Web Traveling is the tonic for life that keeps the soul replenished. Every moment brings in a new perspective to the journey...

The car suddenly swerved off track as the driver maneuvered the vehicle back to its original path. “It was a green snake, and we aren’t supposed to kill them. Evil will befall if we do so”, said Uddhav or Uddab as he called himself. My driver for the entire trip Uddhav a reticent fellow was from Assam. I had left early morning from Bhalukpong towards Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh.

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It had been pouring since last few weeks. Mother earth had worn a green garb and was looking fresh and resplendent after the showers had quenched her soul. The rivers were swollen as life bounced back to a verdant celebration. Suddenly the earth opened up and out stepped a portly man dressed in silk dhoti, gold ornaments and a crown on his head. He held a palm leaf umbrella in his hand and walked with poise, authority and a broad smile plastered on to his face across the streets of Kerala. Read More

To travel is to take a journey into yourself ‘

This quote by Danny Kaye is something I relate to day in and day out. Travel has taught me so much (Read How traveling changes your life)  that it has revealed the best and the worst in me. I would want my daughter who would turn 6 years old, in a month to see the world, meet strangers and understand their culture, history, experience the pleasures of travel and bring memories from across the globe. Didn’t someone say, To travel is to live ?

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We were driving through NH208, surprisingly in the not so hot Madurai weather. My uncle and aunt decided to take me to the spa of south India called Courtallam in the Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. I had just returned from Chettinad after scouting numerous arresting mansions, beautiful temples and savoring mouth watering Chettinad dishes. Madurai the city where I was born is also my maternal aunt’s place and the kind lady decided to take me on a whirlwind trip as my birthday gift. I had turned a year younger and I was away from my home and family in Pune. Read More

When I received an invite for a tasting session at Bombay Bronx that talked about Bombaiya or Bombay Street Food I wondered what would be in store. But Bombay Bronx didn’t disappoint me as I was blown away with its amazing array of street food part of the Bombay Chowpatty Buffet.

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The Uttarakhand region is peppered with Taal (Read my trip to Agoda which is en-route to Doditaal) or lakes and Bugyals. During my recent trip to this beautiful state that never fails to leave you mesmerized I trekked to Nachiketa Taal. Legend of this Taal is quite interesting and a compelling read/hear. Today I shall narrate the story of Nachiketa a ten year old kid who found the gateway to hell and the truth behind life after death.

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We are in the peak of summer and what is the flavour of the season? Obviously mangoes! Do you love mangoes? Now that is indeed a dumb question who wouldn’t like the king of fruits? What are the delicacies you have had that have been made from mango? Aamras, Mango Lassi, Aamrakhand, Mango Pickle, Mango Murabba, Aam ka Panna and so on. But have you ever tasted Mango Jalebi? Well I sure did along with a plethora of other mango dishes at Khandani Rajdhani in Phoenix Mall, Pune.

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We had reached Keri a village in Ponda, Goa. A wooden bridge over a marshland took me to the other side. I watched the birds chirping and diving into the marshes for their catch. As we reached the entrance of one of Goa’s spice farm we were greeted warmly by the staff with a garland and a tika on the forehead.

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An edited version of this article was published in May’15 Vistara in-flight magazine as A tryst with the past

Hyderabad the pearl of India has always been in the hot seat for power struggle, art, craft and its glory in Persian poems. Each and every facet of this city is immersed in the beauty of its history that has faded to time immemorial. The city has a blend of old world charm in its streets and the development of the new age era in its HITEC city. Hyderabad doesn’t need a reason or a season to be explored for it’s an all year through phenomena to be experienced.

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When I reached Uttar Kashi I got into a discussion with a juice vendor at the market. One look at me and he realized I wasn’t a local. After the initial greetings he asked me where am I headed to. When I mentioned Kuflon his face beamed and excitedly he mentioned when you reach Kuflon the only sound that you would hear is that of your breath, birds and brooks.

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